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Hello world! How are you? :D
Way too many Pinkies by futzi01
i need POINTS!!!
i really want premium membership! there i said! and it apparetnly costs that muhc sorry


:iconsaysplz: plz i want a premium

My birthday badge

put this on ur profile if u are a:
characters do not belong to me they belong to my friends :iconeazy-tagz:

the following belong to me

What Sonic-X Character Are You?
What Sonic-X Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
Hosted By Anime
What Mew Mew Are You?
What Mew Mew Are You?
Hosted By Anime
What Is Your Anime Fighting Style?
What Is Your Anime Fighting Style?
Hosted By Anime
What Is Your Anime Hair Color?
What Is Your Anime Hair Color?
Hosted By Anime
What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
Hosted By Anime
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
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liz the cat
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
My birthday badge

PewDiePie Stamp by MissButtlerPewDiePie Dance Stamp by Bubbleberry-chanPewDie Reaction-Stamp by YamiTheFoxSupport Stephano Stamp. by ChocoGumiPewdiePie stamp by WhiteDevil350Scared Pewdie XD by AnimeDrawerandFan123
PewDiePie Stamp by Tsiki10:thumb271323544:-+ Let's Move It Move It +- by KaizeruFaces of PewDiePie by WoLfgIrLySPewDiePie: DERP stamp. by HersheysTheMuffinCatPewDiePie Dance Stamp - 2 by Bubbleberry-chanBarrels!!! (stamp) by Freak-of-GamesMy question to Pewdiepie by Freak-of-GamesPewDiePie 'I DON'T CAAAAAAAAAAAARE!!!!!!!' Stamp by jessid13Scared Pewdie XD by AnimeDrawerandFan123Nyan cat in portals by DS-DNA:iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz::iconnyanportal1plz::iconnyanportal2plz:DIE POTATO 3 by paloiu222DIE POTATO 2 by paloiu222DIE POTATO by paloiu222:thumb257638196:

About me:

Name: Lisandra Gouveia
Preferred names: Liz, Lisa
Age: 13
DOB: 22/06/1999
Height: 1 metre 65
Weight: It's not nice to ask peoples weight
Home: England, London; i'm british and us brit's have Sexy accents.:XD:
Heritage: English/portuguese
Religion: Catholic and proud. :pray:
Relationship: FOREVA ALONE :iconforeveraloneplz:
Sexuality: Straight.
Talents: i don't know :shrug:
Personality: Random, Hyper, Kind, i hate it when people are dull and sad,Fun-loving, Nice, Crazy,and Huggie person.
Fave characters: Rouge the bat,Knuckles the echidna, Amy Rose, Shadow the hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog,Blaze the cat and Silver the Hedgehog.
Fave Sonic Couples: Knuxouge is it not obvious, Sonamy and silvaze
My personal quote: So wonderful AHHHHHHHHHHH
Most used word: ''Fuding hell"

Facts About Me:
. I was inspired to draw by, :iconeazy-tagz:Eazy-Tagz
. I hate school i just like lunch times with my friends
. I love making new friends
. I act like a child
. I Love Ib, My Favourite Characters are Garry, IB,. :heart:
. I am foreva alone :iconforeveraloneplz:
. I'm a Gamer Girl and Proud. :salute:
. I have a Sweet Tooth. I eat to much sugar. :love:
. I love Toys am childish oh wait i sed tht already :XD:
. I'm always Crazy and Hyper, So i talk random stuff. XD but only when i sleep am not like that XD
. Sometimes I keep my emotions in and it's hard to get them out.
. I Love Singing, When no-one is around. :giggle:
. I love Pop, Some Rock, R'n'B, music and I hate Screamo, Classic and Jazz.
. I do comission's if you would be kind enough to see them please :D… XD its so funny

my fav luka megurine song…

i am writing small hehe it is funny XD
i am writing in bold LOL
hey this is me underline
now i am writing in ITALICS XD
this one looks retarded LOL

i am big LOL XD

  • i love knuxouge cuz the cute
    • and because i like both their colors
      • FINALLY IF YOU ARE A KNUXOUGE HATER THEN why are you on my page?
        hey everyone
        i think i should stop this LOL

        i am a knuxouge lover
        thankyou very much!!

        this is my chat… FRIENDS ONLY :l

        :iconimhappyplz: *clicks link* after seeing link O.o :iconhappyiamplz: :iconwthplz:


        My DA bestie's!!
        :iconcrazygirllilly::iconeazy-tagz: &:iconanimecat33:

        This is my ID it is awesome
        the person who did it wuz
        -drum roll-
        please give me points!!

        LUV U :iconeazy-tagz: :tighthug: :iconknuxouge99:

        .:RG:. Liz the Cat by BattyscommsMy new avatar by devryderthehedgieVH-emoticons 1st by RuchielGolden dA by DroneguardMonster Fight Emote by SanguineEpitaphCross-Contamination Emote by SanguineEpitaphCrush that Emote by SanguineEpitaphClapping Emote by SanguineEpitaphMondays by Davidgtza2SmileyFactory by Miamotoemotes back to schoOl by MenInASuitcaseEmotes can Waterbend, too... by Bijutsu-No-Himesama:tigger: by Synfull:ihavecaek: by synconi:thumb117418350:In my car... by dirtypaintbrushHammer time by CookiemagiKRainbow 8D by MyrthJCheerleader by CookiemagiK24 Egyptian God and Goddesses by blunaowl:portal-glomp: by crulaJedi by melonhead-emotionBike Emote by KimRaiFanfair fight by CookiemagiKMassive emote family by Droneguard'5 second hug' contest entry by CookiemagiKError guys... by Big-E:powerglomp: by GuyFlashWhat Emoticons Are Made Of by DEVlANT:tower: by LeoLeonardoSuper volley revamp revamp by CookiemagiK:timber: by LeoLeonardo:shadows: by darkmoon3636Spectrum of Emotions by priteeboy:easteregg: by darkmoon3636:melt: by darkmoon3636Massive emote bump by Droneguard

        This is an important stamp share it -->Stamp.:Anti Sonic Redo:.Rumor by xXLovelyRose95Xx


        the following belongs to me

What color/kind of socks are you wearing?
[  ] Red = loud
[  ] Green = stupid
[ ] None = freaky
[  ] Fuzzy = gorgeous
[  ] Yellow = innocent
[  ] Purple = a little too happy
[ ] Black = emo
[x] Stripes = funny
[ ] Gray = skanky 
[  ] Pink = preppy
[  ] Light blue = sweaty
[  ] Other = hot
[  ]White = sexy

What kind of pants are you wearing?
[x] Shorts = cutie
[ ]Skirt/short shorts = skank 
[  ]Corduroy = faggot homosexual
[  ]Tight jeans = scene kid
[  ]Ripped jeans = emo
[  ]Cammo = cage fighter
[  ]Jeans = prep
[x]PJs = pimp
[  ]Cargo = clown
[  ]Sweats = athlete
[  ]Boxers = brat
[  ]Booty shorts = female
[  ]Capris = Gangster
[  ] Nothing = hoe
[  ]Dickies = weirdo
[  ]Bikini bottoms = tiki girl
[ ]Other = sex addict 

What is your natural hair color?
[  ]Auburn( mix  ) = that every one wants to make out with 
[ ]Blonde = with a broken heart
[ ]Black = with a sexy smile
[  ]Dark brown = with a hot boyfriend/girlfriend
[  ]Red = that likes to have fun
[x]Brown = who loves to be different 
[  ]Dirty blonde/Light brown = with a nice ass
[  ]Bald = with herpes

Pick the month you were born on:
[ ]1 = who ate
[  ]2 = who needed
[  ] 3= who killed
[  ]4 = who shot
[  ]5 = who killed
[x]6 = who smoked with
[ ]7 = who banged
[ ]8 = who ran shirtless with
[  ]9 = who got stabbed horribly by
[  ]10 = who cuddled with
[  ]11 = who slept with
[  ]12 = who ran naked with

Pick the day you were born on:
[ ]01 = the kool-aid man
[  ]02 = a dog
[ ]003 = a shoe
[  ]04 = a toothbrush
[  ]05 = Santa Claus
[  ]06 = The Trojan man
[  ]07 = Barney the dinosaur
[  ]08 = a prostitute
[  ]09 = a porn star
[  ]10 = a bag of weed
[  ]11 = my lover
[ ]12 = a glass of milk
[  ]13 = a horse
[  ]14 = a lesbian
[  ]15 = a stripper
[  ]16 = a pickle
[  ]17 = an orange
[  ]18 = a homo
[  ]19 = a jew
[  ]20 = my mom
[  ]21 = a homeless guy
[x]22 = a whore
[  ]23 = my crush
[  ]24 = an easter egg
[  ]25 = a jar of honey
[  ]26 = a condom 
[  ]27 = a bowl of cereal
[  ]28 = a french fry
[  ]29 = your dealer
[ ]30 = Paris Hilton
[  ]31 = your grandma

Pick the color of the shirt you are wearing
[  ]White = because I love marijuana
[x]Black = because I'm sexy as hell
[  ]Pink = Because the lil people told me to
[  ]Blue = because I have AMAZING boobs
[  ]Red = because I'm a pimp and your jealous
[  ]Polka Dots = because I hate my life
[  ]Purple = because I'm gay
[  ]Gray = because I got dared
[ ] Other = because that's how I roll
[  ]Green = because I'm good in bed
[  ]Orange = because I smoke crack
[  ]Turquoise = because I have a noodle in my nose
[  ]Brown = because I had to.~

i am a funny cutie who loves to be different who smoked with a whore because i'm sexy as hell

ok then.....
  • Mood: Amused
  • Listening to: You and I - One Direction
  • Reading: Nothing :(
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Strawberries
  • Drinking: Blackcurrent and apple juice

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